Our Services

As your Broker of Record and Employee Benefits Consultant, American Benefit Partners, Inc. will provide the following services:

The following outsourcing services are offered at no charge:

  • COBRA administration.
  • Online Benefits Database.
  • One-on-One Employee laptop enrollments.
  • Employee Assistance Plan (EAP)
  • Flexible Spending Account Administration
  • HIPPA Laws and regulations
  • Health Savings Accounts plans and their rules
  • ERISA requirements
  • Annual health and welfare form 5500 filings (for groups of 100+)
  • Contractual issues associated with benefit plans


  • Evaluation of current benefits and their fit with your goals and objectives.
  • Representation of your organization to the employee benefits market.
  • Presentation of all viable options from various carriers.
  • Obtaining and negotiating renewal action and the renewal formula used to arrive at renewal action (when available).
  • Preparing provider network comparisons with each marketing process.
  • Obtaining history of claims and large claim information (when available) to help determine cause of renewal action.


  • Assistance with ongoing claims and benefits issues.
  • Monthly visits to provide onsite assistance.
  • Creation of employee communications, verbal and written.
  • Proactive service.


  • Performing a Benefits Audit to ensure compliance with all laws.
  • Introducing new employee benefits ideas to your company.
  • Helping your organization stay current on all employee benefits news by providing updates on changes in laws governing employee benefits.
  • Determining the most suitable contribution strategies and their fit with company culture.
  • Analyzing current and future budget projections to help determine funds available for employee benefits.
  • Review employee benefits funding options and assist in determining best risk/reward scenario.
  • Evaluate online benefits administration and employee self-service models and their ROI.
  • Review interest in Voluntary Benefits and evaluating need/desire for laptop enrollments.


Review all compliance issues including:
    1. Medicare Part D
    2. Summary Plan Descriptions
    3. 5500 Filing
    4. COBRA
    5. HIPAA
    6. FMLA
    7. All other compliance issues

In other words, hiring American Benefit Partners Inc. will, at the minimum, increase your service level at no additional cost, and may create savings for organization.



American Benefit Partners, Inc. is committed to the use of technology to ease the burden of information overload and time deficiency. With changes in the economy, the soaring cost of health care, fear of job loss and overall employee dissatisfaction with work-life balance, employees need more education, but spend less time obtaining it, to help inform them about the numerous benefits options, the corresponding tax implications, and the reasons for increases in out-of-pocket costs. Internal Human Resource and Benefits professionals have less time to meet this need and are overloaded themselves.

In a variety of ways, technology can answer these needs by:

  • Organizing all company benefits into a single database, allowing all employees accessibility;
  • Providing 24/7 benefits access to information for employees in all counties; and
  • Educating employees year-round regarding their array of benefits.


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